Why Choose SENOK AIR

For Corporate Charter Flights in Sri Lanka

Senok Air - Corporate Travel, sets the standard for comfort, reliability and style. We are a commercial airline service that endeavors to provide premier air taxi, transfer and charter services in Sri Lanka. With us, your company dignitaries are guaranteed to reach their appointments and corporate functions efficiently and in luxurious comfort. Our corporate aviation and domestic airline services offers a non-scheduled air travel services that will take you directly to the intended location or the closest landing point to arrange bridging conveyance to your destination. Avoid the rush, the delays and increase your productivity to attend multiple events or locations around the island in a single day.

Our fleet includes the most luxurious Airbus H125 (formerly Écureuil AS350 B3) helicopters known for its agility, performance, comfort with low in cabin noise and flexibility.

Safety is always a top priority at Senok Air. We put strict safety procedures in place and keep our helicopters maintained to the highest standards. Our pilots are ex-military and are of the most skilled, experienced and professional in Sri Lanka, having previously flown VIP & VVIP delegates and international dignitaries.

Senok Aviation is a global multinational company that has been an industry leader in commuter air services in Sri Lanka since 2011. It is part of the Senok Group of Companies an established conglomerate in Sri Lanka.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed :

We offer a total transport solution for your company leadership and clients to travel in comfort and style for important corporate events, meetings and charter flights around Sri Lanka. Our fleet consists of French manufactured Airbus H125 helicopters which are designed and fabricated for ultra-comfort and luxury travel. These modern aircrafts are versatile to land in conducive landing sites and rough terrain. Senok Air has its own in-house maintenance facility where our fleet is serviced around the clock 7 days a week by our Engineering Team. Our modern Hi-Tec hangar features a well-equipped maintenance area, spare parts store, operations and administration office. It includes a spacious lounge and dining area that is packed with all comforts to assist in your well-being and help you relax before and after travel. It also comprises of a planning area, briefing rooms, free Wi-Fi facilities, showers and free parking.


Nothing Less Than the Best :

The Airbus H125 helicopters that you will be travelling in are known to be the most luxurious of air passenger carrier of its class. Its fully air-conditioned cabin is very spacious and is a popular choice for VIP travel because of its low levels of vibration. It features leather seating that are facing forward for optimum view of vision. The maneuverability of these helicopters and superior visibility means your journey will be as comfortable as it is productive.


Non Scheduled Air Flights :

We are ready to fly you and your company leadership exclusively in supreme luxury directly to your destination enabling you to travel to your corporate events and meetings in security and comfort. Enjoy the privacy and convenience of having your own charter helicopter that includes ground waiting and overnight park packages. We offer non-scheduled air flight service. This exclusivity means, you can visit multiple destinations in one day while enjoying the flexibility to change flight times and destinations as needed to fulfill your corporate travel schedules whilst minimizing delays and increasing productivity.


Knowledge, Excellence and Professionalism :

Our ex-military pilots, support staff and ground staff are amongst the most experienced and skilled professionals in the industry. They have flown many corporate VIP’s, state dignitaries and international delegates on official charter flights, internal air shuttle services and corporate projects covering numerous destinations around Sri Lanka. Our pilots are highly trained and well experienced in flying over Sri Lanka’s varied terrain and navigating its uniquely diverse weather conditions, while our ground and support staff have proven their ability to handle the most complex situations and corporate requirements with efficiency, excellence and professionalism.

Our Pilots

Captain Amal Wahid

Manager flight Operations / Chief Pilot

Highly trained pilot who served in the Sri Lanka Airforce for over 15 years and has the experience of over 4600 flying hours.

Captain Riyancy Rajapaksha

Helicopter Pilot

Served in the Sri Lanka Airforce for 20 years. Started as a commercial helicopter pilot in 2015 and has over 2500 hours of flying time.

Captain Ruwan Fernando

Manager Flight Safety / Flight Operations Officer

Served in the Sri Lanka Airforce before commencing his commercial helicopter carrier in 2011 and has over 1000 flying hours.

Our Staff

Knowledge, expertise, experience and professionalism combine to define the ground staff, administration and marketing team that are geared to provide the highest level of customer service.

Wasantha Herath – Aviation Security Officer / Off Base Safety, Security and Airport Passenger Facilitation Officer
Rosemarie Carter – Senior Sales and Marketing

Maintenance Staff

The most experienced and highly trained Engineers and Maintenance Technicians in the aviation industry with a combined counting of over 100 years of turbine experience both in Military and Civil organizations.

Healy Herath – Manager Engineering
Anura Jayakody – Chief Engineer
Supuna Widanagmachchi – Manager Quality
Lionel De Silva – Senior Aircraft Technician
Dinesh Bandara – Aircraft Engineer

Our commitment

We provide the most luxurious air travel services

Senok Group of Companies

The Epitome of Diversification

The Senok Group of Companies was birthed in 1979 and today has grown to be a conglomerate of over 50 companies. Diversification is the key to its success. The Senok Group spans over various segments and sectors of business. Its business associations operate across extensive regional and global markets, partnering with principles of leading global brands.

Senok deals with an extensive range of industries and businesses such as travel, construction machinery, automobiles, tea, energy, mining and aviation. It has always been at the forefront of innovation, attracting the latest technology to guarantee sustainable and high-quality business ventures.

The success of Senok is driven by the employees, who number more than 2000 at present. Investment in people is always seen as vital to providing outstanding customer experiences. This principle has propelled The Senok Group of Companies the recognition of being amongst the premier privately-owned business conglomerates in Sri Lanka.

Our Brands

We provide the most luxurious services

The Senok Group comprises of 38 Companies. They range from luxury automobile agencies to heavy machinery dealerships, construction of large infrastructure projects, BOO Partners in the renewable energy sector, export of Ceylon tea. Private air charter, mining, wind power, solar power, hydropower and large investments in the luxury leisure industry and more. Senok also has global presence in Japan, Africa, Europe, USA, India & the Maldives. We deal with the largest banks like Commercial Bank, Hatton National Bank, National Development Bank and DFCC, HSBC, Standard Chartered, ADB, KFW and IFC World Bank. Senok is a privately-owned company and a pioneer in most of its businesses in Sri Lanka. We are also registered with the UNFCC under the clean development mechanism and have executed a contract with the Asian Development Bank for the sale of carbon credits. Senok has also achieved financial closures in Japan, Africa, Europe, USA, India & the Maldives. We operate on the concept of strategic business units and concentrate on each unit for achievement of its bespoke targets and goals.

Our Clients

Diverse in requirements, demography and social class

Our aviation services and facilities are tailor-made to suite almost any type of customer. We have attracted the attention of the corporate sector, scientific expeditions, emergency rescue missions, airborne ambulance agencies and even film crew. We have also provided air charter services for government dignitaries, politicians and celebrities.

In-depth knowledge of Sri Lanka, friendly flight crew and highly skilled and experienced pilots have combined to offer attractive options from foreign agencies and high-end tourists to bucket-list tickers and honeymooners.

Our aircrafts are designed to offer a comfortable ride to almost any demographic of passengers and versatile to transport light cargo in providing bespoke concierge services.